• Sensemaking explains 'why?'

  • We help our clients make sense of human behaviour

  • We help our clients see how people really make decisions

  • We help our clients make their documents make sense

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We custom-design research based on social science. Contact suebell@sbresearch.com.au


    Are you looking from some fresh thinking? We are original thinkers whose insight comes from understanding what people do, think and experience. We are problem-solvers who help our clients make sense of products, markets and audiences using primary research and analysis of language and imagery.

    Are you looking for highly-skilled experienced researchers working to high ethical standards? We can help you with business-to-business, government-to-business, government-to-citizen and business-to-consumer research. We use contemporary and traditional qualitative and quantitative methods.

    We use a Sensemaking framework to help our clients 'make sense of' the behaviour of customers, citizens, and stakeholders - to reveal why they behave as they do. We also help clients make sense to their customers, citizens, and stakeholders by conducting plain language research.