• Challenging how you think about your customers' needs, perceptions and drives

  • Helping you understand your customers, stakeholders, and audiences

  • Specialty: sensemaking

  • Specialty: Consumer testing

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Our boutique agency specialises in providing clients with insights into human behaviour


    Highly-skilled qualitative and quantitative researchers working to high ethical standards. We design, conduct and and analyse business-to-business, government-to-business, government-to-citizen and business-to-consumer research.

    We are original thinkers whose insight comes from understanding what people really do, and how they really think and feel. Our insights are more powerful because we link individual behaviour with Australian cultural values.

    Our sensemaking insight: we can understand the needs, drives, perceptions and attitudes of consumers, customers, stakeholders, citizens, and business decision-makers if we recognise that they are trying to make sense of their experiences.

    We are document testing experts.  We use our unique blend of linguistics knowledge, research expertise and skills in plain writing and information design to help organisations test business, regulatory and technical documents and forms.