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Meet our highly experienced team of senior researchers who bring expertise from the social sciences and the arts to all our projects.


Sue Bell is a Fellow of AMSRS and of AMI.

  • Sue Bell
  • Suzanne Burdon
  • Jane Gregory, and
  • Other researchers who work with us from time to time.

Every project has at least one QPMR-accredited researcher

In most cases, all of the researchers involved in our projects have QPMR accreditation.

QPMR is an accreditation from AMSRS for market and social researchers who possess broad knowledge, experience and skills in both qualitative and quantitative research. That means that clients can be confident that the researchers on the team understand the uses, strengths and limitations of all the major research techniques and that we conduct our projects according to the high standards expected of researchers at this level.

You will find us at conferences ...

To retain QPMR, researchers must meet a high level of professional development, so you will find us at conferences and seminars, listening to webinars and reading. We believe professional development is essential. Researchers who do not keep up thier professional development risk becoming ossified and narrow in their thinking. That is not us!

We use ISO 20252 suppliers

Clients can rely on our processes because we follow ISO 20252, as do our suppliers. For example, for data collection purposes, we have a long-established relationship with Q&A Market Research.

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