What are we thinking about?

We are always exploring new ideas.

And are quite often unsure where these ideas will take us!

Currently on the table:

  • Sensory branding: what it is and how to research it
  • Working out how to use text analytics for open ends and qual (beyond Word Clouds)
  • Developing ideas about sense-making
  • Building a research suite for sensory research, because our sensory world is changing fast
  • Thinking about the special research needs of not-for-profits
  • Getting more out of discourse analysis
  • Understanding the language of emoji
  • Is it useful to use qualitative techniques on social media data?
  • Exploring how rituals create customer experiences

If you would like us to focus on any of these, please email Sue on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Tags: Text Analytics, Customer journeys, Rituals, Discourse Analysis, sensorybranding, sense-making, emoji

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