Will text analytics replace qualitative analysis

Here is a copy of the article that I wrote for the industry magazine Research News about text analytics: Will text analytics replace qualitative analysis?

 Some extracts:


"Text analytics represents an opportunity for researchers working in some types of social and market research because it turns a currently impractical idea - that we can ‘listen’ to vast amounts of text without reading anything – into something do-able. It represents something of a threat to researchers who simply describe qualitative data, but is no threat to researchers who do more than describe – i.e. those who interpret and explain."


"Let’s embrace the new possibilities brought by text analysis, but do so on our own terms. Researchers can add value to text analytics because we know that data is just data. Researchers can bring understanding from individual and social psychology, culture, tactical and strategic marketing, and social policy issues, and can synthesise and communicate insights to interpret data so that it is meaningful. "


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