The Bear and the Barron: Visual Rhetoric in the Frame in Trump’s Victory Speech

Chris Arning is a semiotician based in the UK. I have had the pleasure to work with Chris several times. Here is Chris giving us great insight in to Donald Trump's communication strategy, and how we use semiotics to make sense of today's world. As Chris says:

"What is unique to the semiotic enterprise is the methodology’s sensitivity to taking in and observing what other approaches neglect and another is its awareness of the meaning in the image. In addition to this, semiotics should bring a cultural memory to the task of making sense of today’s world – a world where media obfuscation and manipulation are all too common. If indeed we are entering a ‘post-truth era’ as seems to have become the received wisdom, then politics and the projection of ideology through media organs, is surely a critical facet of this. If semiotics is not relevant here, then I don’t know when or where it is?"

You can read the full article here:

Tags: Semiotics

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