The crested Bellbird is our symbol. It is a native Australian bird with a  beautiful and distinctive song that can be heard across long distances. Similarly you can be assured that our excellently-crafted research will have long-lasting impact for your organisation or brand.



How to use semiotics

The Esomar publication RWConnect has been a running a series of articles on semiotics (the RWC Semiotic Serieswritten by some of the world’s leading commercial semioticians. They have described the work they have been doing and its relevance to marketers. It certainly shows that semiotics is alive and well across Europe, in the UK and USA.

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The Art of the Long Interview

We use the 'long interview' qualitative research technique in our research when we want the people we are talking to to think and not just tell us the first thing that comes to mind. Here are some tips on how to conduct long qualitative interviews.

What is a ‘long interview’?

A long interview is a one-on-one interview that takes at least an hour and is conversational in style.  Some IDI’s (individual in-depth interviews) fall into the ‘long interview’ category, but only if they are conversational and – it has to be said – long.

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