Free resource: how to test written communications

We specialise in testing written communications. We bring considerable expertise and knowledge to this. We are committed to the idea that written communications require customised research techniques that are quite different from - for example - advertising testing. For us: clear communications are an essential part of effective stakeholder and customer relationships of all kinds. 

That is why we are sharing this ebook. It will be of most use to organisations who want to ensure that their customers, employees or other stakeholders understand and can use the written information the organisation provides.


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Free Resource: Making Sense

Susan Bell Research has developed a ‘sense-making’ framework for use in qualitative research. Its focus is on ‘how people make sense of things’ and brings additional insight into why people do what they do. This insight comes about because we don't focus exclusively on cognitive biases, herding instincts, personal values or whatever else to explain behaviour. Instead, sense-making combines and integrates all of these - and more - from the perspective of the individual


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