What services do our members - or donors - want?

Are you feeling that you can't develop products and services for your members because you feel you don't know enough about them?  

Are you asking questions like these: What services do our members want? What benefits are they looking for? How should we communicate to them?

Are you an arts organisation or a charity?  If so we understand how competitive your landscape is. You really need to know what would motivate people to donate to you rather than others in your field. How can you foster a sense of philanthropy among your members or stakeholders? What programme would suit donors best?

We have conducted research with donors for a major arts organisation. Of course, the results are confidential but we can share with you the results of a 'discourse analysis' of the websites of major opera companies around the world.

We discovered that some of these international companies presented their plea to donors as a vital life support. Donors “help” the company produce opera, or help the company “maintain a balanced budget”. These pleas were about the company. The donor was needed to help the company, in ways that were unspecified.  In contrast, other companies described the role that donors would play. They suggested that donors' philanthropy helped pay for the shoes the dancers wore for example. The donor was positioned  as “you” who has a “role to play”. The company promised that the donor would participate in “unique experiences”, “creativity”, “inspiration”. 

How does this help?  Try crafting different two different donor or member offers - one about the need for support to keep your organisation alive and one about the pleasure the donor or member will experience. We can test these for you, to see which one appeals the most.



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