Who is our target market and what do they really want?

Our core aim is to help our clients understand their target market better. To do that, we uncover who your market is, what they really want, what they need, what motivates them and how they make sense of their world.

The steps in a target market analysis usually are:

  1. Who: Who your customers or potential customers are. In some markets, you may need to know simple demographics, for business markets the key measures may be role and industry.
  2. Behaviour: Next, discover their current behaviour. What do they do, use or buy, how often, where  etc. 
  3. Motivations: what drives these customers or customers? What are they looking for? Why do they buy from your competitor?
  4. Information sources: where do they go for information?
  5. and more, as relevant to your brand or market


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