The gift of language


Language is a uniquely human gift.

It is central to everything that market researchers do and central to everything our clients do. For us, the ability of the human race to use language to communicate complex topics to each other in myriad ways is something to celebrate.

As researchers who specialise in language, our sensitivity to how people express themselves beyond just the words they use gives us greater insight than any non-language technique can hope to achieve.

Our clients ask us questions like these:

  • How well do our customer-facing documents communicate and how can we improve?
  • What is the language of our organisation -  our 'linguistic palette' - and how can we improve?
  • How can we use text analytics?
  • How should we use emoji in our communications?

Case study  - writing clear letters

One of clients realised that many calls to their call centre came from people querying the letters that the organisation had sent them. Often these letters were on simple topics, such as the need to update a credit card, or change of address but they created confusion and uncertainty - and sometimes unnecessary anger -  among customers. We tested the letters with customers and potential customers and were able to advise our client ways to make the letters shorter, clearer and more readable.

Tags: Linguistics, Text Analytics, emoji, Consumer testing, Written communications

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