If you haven't worked with us before

Our aim is to help you understand your business better so that you make the right decisions about your business

We work with organisations of any size.

We have a staged process as shown in the diagram below. This is a personalised staged approach from an initial free consultation – online and by phone –  through to online delivery of the results in report form. Our consultation stage is important as it is your opportunity to explain your problems to us and our opportunity to share our expertise with you. We are not simply experts in research methods and techniques, we also understand the people who make up your target market, especially how they respond to research questions and tasks and can share those insights with you.

The four steps to getting started

We will ask you about:

  1. Your objectives
  2. Your target market
  3. Your budget 
  4. The time frame you are working to.

Our process


We will sign your NDA's before we talk to you if you prefer.

What we offer you

  • An obligation-free quote
  • We help you think: You don't need to have all your thinking clear before you come to us because we will spend time with you at the beginning to help you work out what you need and what is achievable. You don't need to be an expert, because we are. 
  • We are project managers. We know all the steps to take and the order to take them in. 



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