Syllabell helps us read between the words

Our Syllabell technique is based on discourse analysis. Discourse analysis is a little-known but very valuable technique for understanding what people really mean beyond what they say. We 'read between their words'.

We do this by analysing the linguistic strategies that people use when they want to defend themselves verbally, or choose their words to seem authentic, believable or persuasive.

We have used syllabell

  • To see what is really going on in the conversations between financial planners and their customers
  • To discover a brand's tone of voice used in its written communications
  • To analyse transcripts of interviews and focus groups
  • To analyse websites - this is  a really quick way to define the competitive context by analysing the language used on competitors' websites or social media.

Visit our Resources page for free books and webinars in these topics.

Tags: Discourse Analysis, Language

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