Qualitative research with cultural insight

Do you want to understand the changing landscape - all the new ways that people think and feel?   Then you need qualitative research. To be exact, you need qualitative research that is designed to think about the future, especially about how our culture is changing. 

We are well-known qualitative research experts with a deep commitment to human understanding. 

We bring our training in the social sciences: linguistics, psychology, sociology and anthropology to our work.

Why conduct qualitative research?

Qualitative research gives you a completely different perspective than any survey research, because it focuses on the meaning that using (or not using) products, services and brands brings to people's lives. At its best, qualitative research findings will shock you because you will suddenly understand your consumer/customer/ stakeholder so much better than you ever did before.

Why our qualitative research?

  • Because we offer a rare perspective which is a blend of anthropology, psychology and linguistics. For example, we understand anthropological concepts like rituals, psychological concepts like needs and drives, and anything to do with the way people use language.
  • Of course, we are also expert moderators and interviewers.
  • Expect us to take a dynamic, engaging and imaginative approach.

Interview methods

We use all interview methods, and conduct linguistic analysis, semiotics and ethnography. We know there is no one 'best' method for qualitative research, because the method needs to be tailored first of of all to the people we want to speak to and understand, and secondly to the research problem. We are known as experts in qualitative analysis and continue to experiment. 

Talk to us about converting your qualitative research into one that can be conducted online. There are lots of great options. Happy to advise! 

We interview everyone and anyone

We have interviewed

  • Consumers about food, drink, finance, personal care, household care, tech, and transport
  • Kids and teens about tech, toys and food
  • Seniors about aged care and retirement options
  • People in vulnerable situations such as asylum seekers, insurance claimants, and victims of crime
  • Business execs about investment, and stakeholder relationships

Visit our Resources page for free books and webinars on these topics.

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