We offer a range of qualitative research projects

  • Come to us for

    Needs, motivations and perceptions; concept and communications development; insights into decision-making and sense-making; brand voice. Specialties: compliance/disclosure; sensory qualitative; projects with vulnerable people; customer journeys and experiences studies.   
  • Advanced approach

    We also offer advanced qualitative research mixing interviews, linguistic analysis and ethnography. Expect us to take a dynamic, engaging and imaginative approach. We use conceptual models including our sensemaking model of decision-making.  
  • Depth of insight

    Our qualitative research gives clients a deep understanding of people and the culture they live in. We are trained in the social sciences and the humanities. We bring to our work a unique blend of knowledge of psychology,  linguistics and semiotics.
  • Experience

    Financial services, disability, technology, and arts organisations, food and drink companies, and many others. Our researchers are senior, experienced researchers, fluent in qualitative methods. Sue is a regular speaker at workshops and training courses on qualitative research.  
  • Methods

    We use: one-on-one interviews - phone, face to face or online; Face to face and online focus groups; Online bulletin board groups / communities; Semiotics; Discourse analysis; Ethnography; mobile or self-ethnogrpahy  
  • Techniques

    We make extensive use of projective techniques and laddering,  as well as implicit techniques such as tasks and observation, and combine that with a sense of excitement about what technology can bring to research.