We design surveys with qualitative insight

In this changing world, our approach to surveys is 'never assume'.

Do you want to conduct a survey according to your understanding of the world, or do you want your survey to reflect the changing world?  If you want your survey to reflect the changing world, then you should:

  • Always do a cognitive pilot test
  • Always include free text questions
  • And if at all possible, do some qualitative research first.

We can help you with all types of survey on any topic.

Previous examples include: finance, cyber-security and infrastructure. Others:

  • stakeholder surveys 
  • audience surveys
  • communications audits
  • concept tests
  • customer experience surveys
  • packaging tests
  • product tests
  • Incidence and usage and attitude surveys.

We custom-design to your brief.

The fascinating people we have have surveyed - some examples

  • Infrastructure investors from over 20 countries
  • Cyber security professionals
  • C Suite executives
  • The indigenous communities of northern Australia
  • Opera goers
  • People who claimed compensation after an accident
  • and the general Australian public

Methods we use

Much of the time our preferred survey method is telephone because of the seniority or vulnerability of the people we want to interview. We are also experts in online surveys.

Professional quality reporting

Many of our reports have been published - see here for a list - which tells you about the professionalism of our reporting. We find the story in your data and communicate the findings clearly.



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