How do you know if you have written in plain language?  When you commission us to conduct a Syllabell test, we will tell you how plainly and clearly how  well you have conveyed your message. Use Syllabell to test your customer-facing documents such as letters, brochures, forms, policy documents and statements.

Why use Susan Bell Research?

We are linguistics-trained professional market researchers who have been members of the plain language movement for many years. We also incorporate Information Design principles into our work.  We also work with plain language trainers.

Read here about research-based Document Design. We have an ebook on How to Test Written Communication

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 Case Study - an industry SuperFund 

Senior Executives of an Industry Super Fund were in disagreement. One executive felt that the language of the brochures and statements the Fund sent to some members was unnecessarily complex. Supporting this view was the number of queries coming into the call centre any time a new communication piece went out. Another executive argued that these Fund members were sophisticated investors who would understand the language used.  The Fund commissioned Susan Bell Research to conduct research with Fund members. It turned out that the first executive was right. We helped the organisation resolve an ongoing debate and showed them how to re-write their documents to make them clearer.

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