Sensory research


We help companies with sensory research We were pioneers in sensory qualitative research and can also help you with quantitative testing, using our network of partners.

We believe:

"Consumer value lies not in the product purchased, not in the brand chosen, not in the object possessed but in the consumption experiences derived therefrom."

Bertil Hulten

We have significant experience helping organisations such as juice companies and biscuit manufacturers develop products for consumers. 

Our three-part approach to researching products that deliver experiences

  1. Immediate experience. What does the product or prototype feel like, taste like, smell like ....?  What immediate experience do you want the consumer to feel?
  2. Emotional experience. What emotional does the product or prototype arouse?  Emotional experiences add  value
  3. Symbolic experience. How does the product make the person feel about themselves? How does it fit into their consumption rituals?  These lead to loyalty.

We have worked on these brands:

 Like these clients, when you work with us you will see us use:

  • Lots of stimuli
  • Consumption in context
  • Protective techniques.

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