How to test the style and tone of customer information

Our user testing can show you how not to write in your 'work voice'

I am a professional researcher, user testing specialist, and linguist. I have created a unique user-testing service designed to show you whether your users understand your content and what you can do about it when they don't.

Our specialised form of user testing helps you improve your customers' experience while meeting your compliance and legal obligations

  • Do you explain technical information to the general public?

  • Do you need to instruct customers or users to do something?

  • Do you ask customers to give you information?

These are some of the most difficult tasks faced by large organisations. It can be very difficult for people who work closely with a complex product to know how to explain it in language the customer can understand - and when you are writing about legal processes, you must use precise language.

This is where our specialised form of usability testing comes in. It has been created by an experienced researcher, with decades of experience working with complex financial services products who is also a trained linguist. It has been designed specifically to test content.   

As a large insurer said to us "Thank you. You have shown us exactly what we need to do."

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Our usability testing helps your customers use your digital resources

We live in a world that relies increasingly on digital information, where users typically access that information on their own. Writers often write the copy isolated from the people most likely to read it. As a result, they often have to rely on their own intuitions about users will understand or already know. In turn, many of our clients over-estimate the ability of their customers to understand the language and terminology that is specific to their department or agency.

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What our usability testing looks like

Usability tests use a combination of observation and individual interview.

  • Tests can be quantitative with large samples or qualitative with smaller samples. The quantitative tests are descriptive; the qualitative test are more diagnostic
  • Qualitative testing takes 30 to 45 minutes on average. Sample sizes vary but are typically between 10 and 20 people in total. We test with your designated target market
  • We test digital media and paper. These can be forms, labels, disclosure statements, terms and conditions - anything like that.

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