Research Audit

Note: Research Audit will soon be rebranded to 'Second Set of Eyes'. 

Sue has recently collaborated with Matt Balogh to create a survey audit consultancy for government, not-for-profit and small businesses who conduct their own in-house research or user-testing.  Research Audit will assess whether your in-house research or user testing

  • Clearly answers the objectives of the project
  • Has questionnaire wording that  is clear and impartial - and that the answer options are comprehensive including cognitive testing and pilot testing of the questionnaire
  • Sample design, size and source will provide reliable statistical results
  • Analysis, reporting and conclusions are complete, reliable and correct

and whether:

  • Required disclosures have been made and
  • The research complies with

The Australian Privacy Act

The International Fair Data standard​

The Australian Market and Social Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour

Guidelines on safe product trials, as well as recruitment and payments to participants

Discrimination, trade promotions, working with children and privacy legislation

Cultural sensitivities, Indigenous recognition and sexual orientation expectations

  • And help with resolution of disputes over research related issues​


For more information, contact Sue on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0409 657 317

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