Semiotics/discourse analysis

Semiotics is about culture; discourse analysis is about words.





These techniques are for clients who want to take their qualitative research 'to the next level' or who want a quick and insightful way to learn about their brand.

  • Semiotics is a quick and insightful way to learn how to position products and brands. We study cultural material, such as media and cultural rituals, to reveal cultural values, cultural codes and symbolism. You can commission this stand-alone or part of a qualitative research project. Read here about our En_symbol semiotic technique.
  • Discourse Analysis is another quick and insightful method, though this time the focus is on words, especially the conversations that people have in specific interactions, and the way that organisations use words to present themselves to the world. It also helps us see both sides of service interactions, and therefore help improve them, going beyond the 'he said, she said' typical of most research into services. Read here about Syllabell our discourse analysis technique.

As we are highly experienced marketing researchers, we bring great strategic thinking to our semiotic and DA work.

The links to our semiotics and discourse analysis pages

Visit our Resources page for free books and webinars in these topics.

Tags: Semiotics, Discourse Analysis, Ethnography, Hybrid methods, Language

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