Compliance and Regulatory Testing

Are you a compliance / regulatory professional wanting to understand your customers' or users' perspective?

Do you want to ensure that you design your financial services product appropriately for your target market? 

The new Design and Distribution Obligations law makes it mandatory that financial services are suitable for their target market.   

We have spent many years conducting research on topics like this and are currently developing new ways to help financial services organisations. For example, the new law states that products must not be too complex for their target market - customers must understand the product features.

We bring independence and objectivity to this, as well as breadth and depth of research expertise, and our extensive knowledge of how people use language to communicate.

We do more than advise you of the impact of complex design and poor communication; we use the research we have conducted for you to help you rewrite or redesign your communications.

The key to this is understanding your customer or user.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view find out how..

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